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All about Car Title Loans

With today's lenders having more stringent criteria to qualify for a loan, it can be tough for consumers to get new credit. If you're fortunate enough to be approved, it may not even be enough for what you need or you may incur high fees. Car title loans are the ideal solution.

Car title loans are secured loans where you put up the title of your vehicle as collateral. It's easy to qualify for these types of loan, because the money already paid on the car is used to secure the loan. You can obtain more money on a secured loan versus an unsecured one. Poor credit scores and even a previous bankruptcy doesn't preempt you from obtaining a car title loan, as there are no set regulatory restrictions. Most of the car title loan companies understand that even the most financially conscious person can run into difficult times. An assigned rep at a car title company will review your financial standing. If you have enough income to make the monthly payments, it's likely that you will be approved. There are also no pre-payment penalties, and you get your car title back when the loan is paid.

Applying for a car title loan is easy and fast. Just keep in mind that your car needs to have a substantial wholesale value in order to qualify for a car title loan. These companies have online websites such as ours where you can fill out the application and then speak with a company representative. The application takes less than five minutes, and pre-approval takes under two minutes. The paperwork process, underwriting and money in hand can be as quick as the same day that you apply. Some car title loan companies even have mobile loan professionals who will arrange to meet with you at the office or at home. These reps will inspect the car and fill out the required paperwork. The whole process is streamlined for your convenience. If you're in need of cash, a car title loan is an excellent choice.

A Title Car Loan That Would Fit Your Budget

You've probably heard of different title car loans that similarly work just like any other title loan in the market. Getting a car title loan can give you the opportunity to pay your bills and other debts using the car you are driving in return for regular payments depending on the agreed contract. Every financed payment you acquire comprises of an interest and a principal in which the lender charges you for borrowing its money. The principal of the loan equates to the remaining balance. Other fees and interest rates contribute to the annual percentage rate or APR.

If you are thinking of repaying your debts using Title Loan against your car then apply for a credit, there are a lot of options available in the market. However there are three main options you might want to consider before purchasing one. These viable options are Title Loan, Emergency Loan, or Repair Loan. In title loan you receive 75% of the cars value using a debt free vehicle 10 years or newer as collateral. In Emergency Loan you receive up to $25,000 using collateral that we can hold during the term. In Repair Loan you receive funds for repairs done on your vehicle. Unlike a Title Loan, the vehicle may be leased or financed. Online and bank loans offer the same dealings with different amount of rates and requirements.

When you have clearly decided to get a loan, make sure you can cope up with the agreed contract or else you will suffer over time. This is why most lenders have strict rules and policies that you need to comply. If ever you have a bad credit history, you will either be denied of acquiring one or be offered with a very high interest rate. This is the reason why there is a need to hunt for the best rate in the market. Here are some effective ways to ease up the burden of getting financed.

Check your personal savings if it is enough to be used as a down payment for your desired auto. The bigger the amount you place as an early payment, the lesser the interest you will have. Take advantage of their package deals that would lead you to fewer worries in the long run. Rates usually differ on every season and can be affected by several factors such as its contract terms, credit rating, location, and others. Sales agents are here to help you out every step of the way, especially by offering you a better car loans option. Allow a good buyer-dealer relationship so that you are able to get better deals even on your next purchase. There is always a perfect deal that would fit your budget to get the all your problems solved in a jiffy.

An Auto Title Loan Is One Option For A Secured Loan

The success of an auto title loan depends on the borrower's ability to pay it back. The stability of the borrower's future also depends on the same since auto title loans are secured. The last thing anyone would be searching for is to a way to lose their vehicle. If an auto title loan goes in to default, having the vehicle repossessed is a possibility. In order to prevent this from happening, the borrower will need to understand what secured loans are and the types available to them. A secured loan is a great option for people who have bad or limited credit.

A loan is secured by either property or a guarantor. Applicants with little or no credit are risky borrowers. A lender or dealer will want to limit the risk involved and this practice is done through secured loans. Some lenders focus their business solely on secured loans. These lenders use property as collateral to back their high risk nature. In order to obtain a loan from a title loan lender, the "pink slip" is held as collateral. A positive aspect to these short-term loans is that the vehicle stays with the borrower during the term of the loan. If the loan goes into default, the vehicle with then be repossessed and sold to collections.

A lender who uses a guarantor to secure the loan has no property to sell. Instead, the co-signer will be responsible for paying the loan off. If it continues to go unpaid, the credit for the borrower and the guarantor will be negatively affected. In order to qualify to be a guarantor, this person (or business) will need to have a very high credit score. The lender will use a co-signer's financial awareness to alleviate the riskiness of the defaulted loan. A guarantor does not want to see their credit lowered as a result of someone else's error.

Pawn shops process smaller loans with household items and jewellery. With these lenders, the items are held during the term of the loan. A person will need to repay the loan on time in order to get their item back. It is never recommended to use something personally valuable when using a pawn shop dealer. Once the loan term limit expires, the item is property of the dealer. In order to get the item back, it will have to be purchased at a higher price tag than what the loan was for.

An auto title loan lender will usually attempt to get some payment. Many have their own internal collections department before turning towards the repossession the vehicle.

Any time a secured loan is utilised, the borrower needs to understand the consequences of not paying the money back. It is important to know what kind of business is behind the loan, their collection practices and how quickly the repossession orders are processed.

Research the lender, the type of secured loan being offered and fully understand the lender's policies and practices. Talk with your auto title loan lender about the loan process from beginning to end. Qualifying is not the only aspect to secured loans, just the first step.

Why Car Title Loans From Easy Title Loans Canada is A Better Loan Alternative to a Bank Loan

Car Title Loans are more beneficial as compared to Bank Loans

There may come so many occasions in your life when you need instant cash to get your immediate expenses fulfilled easily. If whenever you need instant cash in urgency, then it is recommended here to take auto title loan.

In borrowing bank loans, you have to wait for a long time but this is not the case with Car title loans. You can get immediate cash in an hour or two. After having a procedure of a simple sort, you will be granted instant cash. Now, it should be obvious on your side that whenever you need any instant cash you should consider Car Title Loans. In contrast to the usual bank loans, auto title loans can be granted to you with much ease and handiness in very less time. In order to get bank loans, you have to go through very lengthy and complicated procedures for documentation while in getting Car or auto title loans all you have to bring your Driving License along with the documents of the car which you owe and just done.

Easy paperwork and easy payment options- Nowhere But just with us
You do need to fulfil complicated payment procedures to get pink slip (Auto title) loans. You can get that immediately after having a simple paperwork. Our payment options are also highly affordable by our all customers. We recommend you that whenever you are in need of instant cash contact us anytime and we will be there to help you.

Speed and Convenience all at once
Now, if you are in Ontario and in a need of Car title loan then you should contact Easy Title Loans Canada as we are the most wanted Auto loan providers of the town.

If you are looking forward for convenience in getting instant loans and also want to have the cash immediately, then you should contact Easy Title Loans Canada for getting pink slip (Auto title) loans within an hour. We have got a very simple procedure to lend you with instant cash.

Why Car Title Loans Are the Best Resources for Fast Cash

Every so often we find ourselves in a position in which we don't have the funds that we need in order to survive. If you are going through a time like this, then you are in a very scary moment in your life, one that you might be afraid you will never escape from. If so, then you will need to start looking for some help when it comes to your finances.

Unfortunately, a lot of lending agencies out there will only take advantage of your situation, or they might simply not help you at all. For example, banks and many similar organisations wont bother getting you a loan if your credit is lower than what they would like. This is a major problem that you might be facing if you have financial troubles.

When it comes to cash advances and payday loans, they might not get you the amount that you need. Even if they do, they will charge a large amount when it comes to the interest percentage. A lot of times, there is no way to escape this fee, a blatant example of how these institutions take advantage of their customers.

However, the worst are pawn shops. They have made it their business to take as much from you while giving you as little in return as possible. If you pawn something important like your car, you will discover that they will take the vehicle without giving you much in return.

This is why you should consider getting a car title loan. This form of lending has become popular lately, and for good reason. Not only will you get the amount that you need in the fastest way possible, but you also get to keep your car while paying back the amount.

Give us a call now to learn more about how we can help you get out of your financial situation.

Auto Title Loans vs Traditional Loans

A title loan is a fast, safe and easy way for individuals who own their car with a lien free title to get cash using their car as collateral. It allows people to obtain funds using assets (their car) to solve short-term financial needs. The process is usually simple and requires a minimal amount of time to obtain a loan.

Let’s take a look at some comparisons between title loans v. traditional bank loans…

Application Process

Bank - usually a lengthy application requiring many documents, references, etc.
Title Loan – simple, one page application, minimal paperwork

Timeframe to Receive Funds

Bank - can take weeks, even months, sometimes up to 90days
Title Loan - same day, usually less than 1 hour!

Credit Check

Bank - lengthy credit check, often going back 7-10 years
Title Loan - absolutely NO CREDIT CHECK


Bank - when an individual pays off a loan early, banks lose interest income…to offset this, many banks will charge a “pre-payment” penalty
Title Loan - no pre-payment penalty, in fact, paying a title loan off early may help to build a positive relationship with the lender which may allow individuals to qualify for another loan later on

These are just a few of the many differences between an auto title loan and a traditional bank loan. Recent economic conditions and credit markets have made it more difficult than ever to obtain a loan from a bank. Title loans are a great way for every day, hardworking Canadians to get access to cash when they need it most. As with any financial product or service, anyone considering borrowing money should do so responsibly. We at Easy Auto Title Loans encourage individuals to consider all available financial options and work closely with financial institutions to determine affordable repayment terms.

How to Properly Apply To Turn Your Car Title Into Cash

Getting a Car Title Loan with Easy Auto Title Loans is as easy as making a profile on Facebook. All you need to do is enter your details in our Title Loan Get Approval Section and we will take care of the rest. Our Online Application form is self explanatory and very easy to fill.

Once your online application form is accepted, the next step is to send us the following either via email or a registered mail :

1. Pictures of the car-plate, front, back, interior and odometer reading.

2. Driver's License - clear scan or a picture

3. Original Ownership (and articles of incorporation if vehicle in company's name)

4. Insurance

5. Pay stub (if applicable)

6. Utility bill (anyone's name – must have address on it and be current dated)

7. Void cheque (or pre-authorized payment form)

8. Spare key - to be a mailed by registered mail to us (will not hold up us issuing the loan).

After we have received all the required documentation form you, a friendly Easy Auto Title Loans employee will do a quick appraisal of your vehicle using the appraisal value and your cash need after which your title loan amount is determined. We at Easy Auto Title Loans pay close attentions to your requirements so that you can get exactly what you are looking for. You don't have to be a technical expertise to get a title loan, after all, Auto Title Loan is not a rocket science. While everything is taken care of by us, its required that you have an online banking facility and a little know how to do email money transfer. You must have a computer, printer or scanner and a cell phone with camera.

Easy Auto Title Loans always offer its customers the maximum cash possible with interest rates which are typically lesser than the competition. With Easy Auto Title Loans you never have to worry about a credit check and you receive the loan on the same day that we receive your application. The funds are transferred to you by e-mail money transfer. Getting a title loan is easy with Easy Auto Title Loans!

Importance of Insurance When Receiving a Car Title Loan

Insurance is in place to provide coverage of your personal belongings. Insurance is used as a form of risk management. At Easy Auto Title Loans we know accidents happen and we want you to be protected. Most of all bankruptcy cases are due to clients being uninsured. This can be due to uninsured medical, auto or home coverage. Easy Auto Title Loans does not want this to happen to our clients. We provide Car Title Loans to aid our clients in getting out of the cycle of debt. When you apply for a Car Title Loan, one of the first questions you will be asked is if you have sufficient insurance on your motor vehicle.

Having sufficient insurance on your vehicle protects you as the consumer along with your Car Title Loan lender. At Easy Auto Title Loans, we require a full coverage policy to be intact on loans valued $2,500.00 and over. Full coverage protects you as a consumer as well as the lender if the vehicle were to be totaled or damaged. A full coverage policy includes liability coverage as well as collision coverage. All states require vehicles to carry a minimum of liability coverage.

This covers bodily injury or property damage caused by a third party. When you receive a Car Title Loan from Easy Auto Title Loans you agree to maintain, at your expense at minimum liability coverage insurance on the Motor Vehicle for so long as you have any obligations under the Loan Agreement. We do have the right as your lender to purchase insurance and bill it to you if your do not keep insurance on the vehicle. In turn, as a consumer it is in your best interest to always maintain sufficient insurance on your vehicle to protect yourself from future financial damage.

Love The Neighbors !!

Did you know that not all states allow title loans?

We've all had a time in our lives when we needed a little extra cash. Usually when such a time comes up not only do we need the cash but we usually need it NOW! Especially in these economic conditions, the demand for short-term financial solutions is greater than ever. Unfortunately, some really rich guys sitting around in big leather chairs in the a/c have passed laws that prevent the people who need it most from obtaining short-term financial solutions.

However, there is good news for people who may live in a state that does not allow title loans. Since laws regarding this industry are governed on a state by state basis, there may be a neighboring state that does in fact allow individuals the access to short term credit when they need it most. If this is the case, individuals may cross the border into a neighboring state, obtain a loan, and return home with the cash they need. Many companies now have convenient ways to make payments that don't require driving back to the loan companies office every time a payment is due. Let's face it, gas is not cheap and doesn't seem to be getting any cheaper!

Many companies allow their clients to make payments by mail, over the phone, and even on the Internet. Remember, short-term credit should be used as just that, short-term. Remember to inquire about rates, length of term, and early repayment options when choosing a car title lender. Do not use lenders that will not answer these questions for you. There are many companies out there competing for your business. Find one that is fair, offers personalized service, and is willing to take the time to find a loan amount and payment that fits your individual needs.

Poor Credit Score ? No Problem !

Due to numerous reasons, people end up with poor credit scores. Usually it maybe due to number of errors or at some point defaulting on a loan but whatever the reason maybe, most banks and financial institutions do not give loans to people with poor credits cores. But if you are one of those, you can still avail vehicle title loan from Easy Auto Title Loans which gets you quick cash so don’t despair if you have a poor credits core. Most of the subprime lending options are always there.

Usually individuals that have credit abuse, late payments and charge-offs will tend to have low credit score and if your credit report show bankruptcies or other court cases, your FICO score will be low and that directly affects the approval of any loan. However, you are still eligible for vehicle title loans as you are taking a secure loan wherein you have to keep collateral to take the money. In vehicle title loans, your car is used as collateral though you get to drive it.

The only difference that poor FICO rating makes is paying high interest as your credibility as a borrower is low. High interest is charged to offset the lender’s risk and this stays unless you are able to improve your credit score. Till your credit score goes over the 750 mark, you will always be considered a high risk investment and most traditional financial lending institutions will not give you loans.

But most of the time credit score lower than 750 allows you to avail vehicle title loan and other subprime instruments but requires a clear title of the car as a collateral. Generally, the vehicle title loan lenders give you about 25% to 50% of your vehicle’s value that is based on the condition and year of manufacture of the car. In case you take the loan but default on the payments, your car is repossessed and sold by the vehicle title loan lender to ensure that they do not lose out on the payment.

When you repay the installments or the interest on time as per the contact, it shows your responsible behavior towards financial managements. With timely payments not only will you be able to improve your FICO credit score but become more trustworthy when it comes to traditional lenders. With Easy Auto Title Loans, you can tide over the current crisis and with repayments on time you can enhance your credit score

Take Title Loan and Safeguard Yourself From Tax Spikes

For taxpayers that need to get out of immediate taxation issues from the IRS, Easy Auto Title Loans are a boon. These secure loans allow the taxpayer a better loan amount than cash advances and payday loans. These loans tend to be more than shorter loans and as people’s liabilities build up more than hundreds of dollars these loans are based on the current value. As per the current situation, the possibilities of taxes are going to increase, you need to protect and safeguard yourself from the coming tax season.

1. You can start with opening a savings checking account. You can use tax returns to play down property tax and lower debt.

2. You can build better credit over the year just in case you need to take a bank loan to pay for your liabilities. Paying the title loan on time is needed to ensure that your credit score improves even if it was low before.

3. Pay down debts as fast as you can. Ensure that you are able to pay the minimum every month on all loans that you have.

If you are in a financial mess, or need money urgently, Car title loans from Easy Auto Title Loans can fulfill the gap and provide you with immediate funds. However, you need to ensure that all the money that is borrowed is paid on time every month but if you have a doubt about payments on time, make sure that you are aware of all of the high interest and fees that will be applicable, if you default on it.

Now with Car title loan, your car is at stake if you don’t pay on time. So always opt for repayment plans that you are sure that you will be able to pay conveniently. Easy Auto Title Loans value your contentment and provide you with all the information that you need to decide whether such a loan works for you. If IRS liabilities become more that you can handle financially, you need to look at other options.

Even if you have a low credit score, it will not be counted as a basis of the loan. This is one of the reasons that it has become extremely popular as a financially viable option for those facing financial crisis. If you are looking at options to tide over the financial crisis, title loan is a good option when you are aware of the repercussions.

What Are Normal Forms Of Accepted Identification?

If you plan to buy a large item in Canada, such as a car, you will be asked by the seller to present some form of identification. If you do not want to be denied the opportunity to purchase that desired vehicle, you should have on your person one of the normal forms of accepted identification. There are four forms of ID that are generally deemed “acceptable” :

1. Your birth certificate

2. Your driver’s license

3. Your social security card

4. State-issued ID card or driver’s license

If you are ready to purchase a car, truck or SUV, then you probably have a valid driver’s license. Be sure that is has not expired, as it will then be of little value to you. Of course, you could be a senior or older adult, one who is wealthy enough to surprise a grandson or granddaughter with a four-wheeled vehicle. In that case, you may need to seek a state ID card.

You know that you can obtain or renew a driver’s license at any Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) office. A MVD office can also provide you with an official identification card. In fact, such offices issue two types of such cards. A regular card is good for 6 years and each of the cards for senior citizens remains valid for 10 years.

If you plan to apply for that sort of identifying document, then you must schedule an appointment at a MVD office. Once you have completed the required Form, you must provide the authorities with a thumb print. Then you must have your picture taken. Next, you must verify your birth date and your legal presence in Canada. Finally, if you are not a senior citizen, you must also pay an established fee. Before you have all your provided information placed on a small, plastic document, check to be sure that the MVD’s records have your current address. If the address on file is correct, you can ask the process to move ahead. As a result, you should receive your state-issued identification in the mail, within a period of approximately 60 days.

What Happens With My Title Loan When I Leave the Office ?

This is a common question among Car Title Loan applicants and the process is very interesting. When you obtain a Car Title Loan from Easy Auto Title Loans, we first make sure you title is free of liens and able to have a lien place on it. When you are in the office receiving your title loan the loan officer will have you sign either the back of the title of a lien form. A lien form enables us to place a lien on your vehicle and is sent to motor vehicle along with your title.

After you consent and sign the form/title, we then hand it over to our title runner who will bring it to your states motor vehicle commissioner. During the motor vehicle process the clerk will be handed the lien fee check along with your title and the lien form. Most states are able to process the title same day. When it is time for pickup we get your title that is reprinted with Easy Auto Title Loans listed as the first lien holder on the vehicle. The title is then brought back to the office where you received your initial loan. It is then kept in your file until you pay off your Car Title Loan.

We even make receiving the title back simple! Easy Auto Title Loans is able to send your title back certified to you for your safety. It typically take about 5-10 business days to get to your address after the lien has been released. Acceptable forms of payment when you are paying off your Car Title Loan include cashier’s check, money order and cash. You are also more than welcome to pick up your title in our office as well. We are able to sign, date, stamp and release the title when the client is in the office paying off. Therefore, Easy Auto Title Loans makes the process of obtaining and paying off your title loan convenient and simple.

What is Auto Title Loan ?

The Auto Title Loan has roots in the pawnbroking industry. As most people know, to obtain a pawn loan, you must hand over something of value to the pawnbroker as collateral on the money loaned to you. You have a certain amount of time to repay the loan or you forfeit the collateral. Upon forfeit, the pawnbroker will sell the collateral to cover the loan. The collateral could be any property the borrower owned that had any value.

One of the most valuable pieces of property an individual owns is their automobile. In normal circumstances, the property used as collateral is kept by the pawnbroker to assure repayment of the loan. This just would not work on a car. First, the vehicle is used on a daily basis by the borrower to get groceries, to go to work, to bring the kids to school, and is an integral part of the very freedom most people enjoy. Surely the borrower would not part with the second biggest financial investment most will make in their lifetime. Second, the cost of insurance, storage and other costs to the pawnbroker would be prohibitively expensive. When a vehicle is paid for or the terms of the loan are satisfied, the title to the vehicle is released from the lender to the borrower. The borrower becomes the true owner of the vehicle.

Car Title Loans also called an auto title loan is a type of secured loan where the borrower can use their vehicle title as collateral. Borrowers who get title loans must allow a lender to place a lien on their car title, and temporarily surrender the hard copy of their vehicle title, in exchange for a loan amount. When the loan is repaid, the lien is removed and the car title is returned to its owner. If the borrower defaults on their payments then the lender is liable to repossess the vehicle and sell it to repay the borrowers’ outstanding debt.

These loans are typically short-term, and lenders typically do not check the credit history of borrowers for these loans and only consider the value and condition of the vehicle that is being used to secure it.

Why Clients refinance with Easy Auto Title Loans ?

At Easy Auto Title Loans we have the lowest interests rates on Car Title Loans. Our annual interest rates are more than 50% lesser than our competitors. When you have a lowered interest rate, you in turn will have a lowered monthly payment. When you receive a Car Title Loan through Easy Auto Title Loans you get the choice of an amortized loan or a “balloon payment” also known as an interest only loan. Our competitors only offer interest only loans.
Amortization loans contain payments spread over multiple periods. A balloon loan is a loan that does not amortize through the duration of the loan. Therefore, the client is left with a hefty balance at the end of the loan duration. The nickname “balloon payment” is due to its large size.

When you obtain a Car Title Loan from Easy Auto Title Loans you get convenience. Other title lenders only accept one form of payment and it is only in person. We realize that many of our clients are coming from a distance and out of state. Therefore, we make payment options as simple and convenient as possible to our clients.

Our competitors do not accept appointments, and go off a walk in basis only. This leaves clients waiting in their office for up to an hour. Easy Auto Title Loans happily accepts walk-ins and appointments for your convenience. We also have a online form submission facility, which lets you fill in an online application form and speed up the procedure. Our loan officers understand our clients lead busy lives and a quick loan process is what they desire. Therefore, we can accept appointments at all of our locations. Your time slot will be set aside for you and you will be seen as soon as you walk in the door!

Legal Information about Easy Auto Title Loans

So you took out a Easy Auto Title Loans and for whatever reason, you want some of the legal lowdown on what to do in different circumstances and everyone knows that with any loan situation, you have to read the fine print.Things can change after all, a life-change is probably what brought you to the decision for a Easy Auto Title Loans in the first place.
The first situation that will be covered here is the most popular situation and that is how to get out of the title loan. Unfortunately, this is something that, once you are in, there is a fat chance you are coming out of it. This is the difference between finding a good lien holder or not.

What to do when you have trouble paying your title loan on time
Let's focus on how to help you keep the loan and be successful.

1. Communication with the lien holder and those associated with the lien
First, you need to know that if you default on the loan they are going to take the car. The first rule of thumb is to communicate with the lean holder. If you are having any trouble paying the loan the first thing you need to do is what many do not do and that is report any life changes immediately.
A lot of people have a relative, friend or, if you need the car for work, an employer that is assisting them in some way. There is nothing more appreciated than communication. If you are one of the many truckers living in Canada who has taken out a Easy Auto Title Loans the difference between paying off the loan or not is the difference of losing thousands.
2. Settlements
This is a negotiating tactic that works because it benefits you and the lien holder. If you have a certain amount of money that you can throw on the loan on the spot and then see if the lien holder will surrender your title back to you so you can b free and clear.
Note:This should only be done if you have exhausted the point of communication with the lien holder.
3. Bankruptcy
Most places in the western world will allow you to keep your vehicle when you are filing bankruptcy. In general, your car and home are safe from seizure by the lien holder.
Warning,this is a course of action that can be detrimental to your credit and life so this is NOT something to just enter into lightly. You will have that bankruptcy in your life for seven years and will have to rebuild your credit rating with blood, sweat and tears.
4. Debt Consolidation
This rout, at first glance, may seem much tamer than that of a bankruptcy; this is because you are making one large payment to pay down your debt. However, in the case of the US vehicle title loan and the Easy Auto Title Loans, though it won't read bankruptcy on your report in those words, but, it will score like one.
What you can take away from this article
When you make a serious decision like a vehicle title loan, you must keep positive and keep it in mind that you will find a way to meet your obligation. If you don't, it can mean that you are stuck reconciling yourself for a long time. Find the right lien holder, one who communicates well and has a proven track record for successful US or Easy Auto Title Loans think about it and consult your trusted friends and neighbors.

A Unconventional look at Paying Back Loans including the Easy Auto Title Loans

Here we will take a comprehensive look at paying back those pesky loans in Canada including little known ways to pay bills like the Easy Auto Title Loans.
We all know that living and working today takes a lot of creativity and it is just as hard nowadays when you have a family as when you don't. The world's economic disaster takes us into a world of creative bill-paying prospects like the Easy Auto Title Loans, the lenders of the world and just good old fashioned budgeting for modern living.

Back in the day, we had these simple uncomplicated expenses.
1. Rent or Mortgage
2. Car
3. Food
4. Phone Bill (conventional)
5. Electric Bill
6. Water Bill

Today we have so much more and our bills have become so much more complicated to pay. Everything has some kind of add on or bundle, it seems even more complicated to keep up with just living. It's not like you get to have a TV anymore, oh no, they have outlawed the rabbit ear antennae. Sure you can still use them, but I don't know anyone who wants to hold them up while you try to get ten channels that are by the way, all in a different language.
So we in the US and Canada 'bundle' our services and give ourselves more headache under the guise of convenience. Ah but what happens when you are low on cash and you lose the whole 'convenient bundle' and now you can't use your phone, satellite or cable and maybe even computer and cellphone.
So what can one do to pay those bills without dinging the heck out of the credit cards which by the way, are at an unbelievable high percentage-wise!
Well, let's start with a little known but ever popular loan, the Easy Auto Title Loans. Now, this only works if you have a car that is 8 years old or under. This may frighten you a bit, but if you are the responsible, hard-working person that you are, this is an awesome way to clean up your act!
Now, for the process, this is simple. You find a lien holder by plugging into the computer Easy Auto Title Loans. You will get the list and you can start screening for the best lien against your car title loan.Make sure of course your title is clean, your insurance is current, and you are on your way. The most important thing to do is to make sure you have a repayment plan that you are able to fulfill before you sign, because once you do then that is it!
In order to be able to pay back that car title loan and get it over with early or on time, you have to create a home budget that works.

Tips to a home budget that works

1. Get a savings goal.
Crunch some numbers and plan to put aside at least 10% of your paycheck into another bank account that is separate from your other accounts. Keep your hands off it!
2. Track your Spending.
Make sure you save receipts and track where your money goes, in fact, since most banks have on line banking, some have what they call a money map. They will a spending report every time you swipe at the cash point or take out money and you will soon have an idea when to stop having those fancy coffees and brew it at home.
3. Monitor constantly until your Car title loan back in full.
4. Keep your spending habits post repayment

Bonus tips:

1. Try not to make gift-giving an over expenditure by shopping emotionally.
2. Try to have a small emergency fund so you don't have to derail your budget and default on your Canadatitle loan.
3. Make sure your budget is not too restrictive so you don't derail yourself!

Five things you should know about your Title Loan.

These days the economy is driving more and more people into engaging in a title loan. The state of the world's monitory crisis is leaving families no choice but to seek help. To use whatever collateral or equity they have in their possessions and this means a title loan on their vehicle or a lien on their home. This is leaving people in the US and Canada who are used to living more comfortable lives pockets and egos feeling injured to say the least. But there are things you should know before you embark on your first title loan.

So what is essentially a vehicle title loan as it is most often called? Let's break it down for easy understanding. It is best you know this first so you can comprehend the plethora of information the lien holder is going to throw at you in fast-talk.

Here is the short version first.

you are broke and have bad credit, you can use your car as collateral against a loan. Collateral simply means; as a noun; 'Something pledged as security for the repayment of a loan'

Here is a bit more explanation.

You keep your vehicle so you can work, shop and support your family and you won't feel it affect your day-to-day life. The only difference is you no longer 'own' your car;until whatever funds are paid in full and the title goes back to you. The reason is obvious; the lien holder keeps your vehicle and sells it for the amount you borrowed if you should, heaven forbid default on the loan.

So why in the world would you want to get a title loan?

Like anything else in life; nothing is bad, it is how you use it that can be bad. For example, there are these very common loans called pay day loans. This is where you get a loan against your bank account. This is used to pay a bill that is over-due so that you do not ruin your credit etc. Is it a bad thing? It isn't if you know where the repayment money is coming from and you do not set unrealistic terms for yourself between you and your lien holder. Same for a vehicle title loan, if you think it out properly, and you discussthe terms at length with the lien holder before you sign, you can come to terms that you can fulfill. So fiscal responsibility is what can make a title loan a good choice for you.

Will they furnish a title loan with any car?

Well let's put it this way, yes and no. The way it works is this; the car can't be worth less than the loan. The retail value of the car is what the loan has to be equal to or lesser than. So, if you want a loan for $100,000 dollars but you own a Honda worth $15,000 dollars, you wouldn't get the loan unless the lien holder allows you to use other property as additional collateral.

So when all is said and done, be sure you think ahead and plan for the timing and source of your repayment and you should fare well in this sometimes necessary endeavor.

Obtaining a Loan for the Self Employed and the Easy Auto Title Loans

Today there are more self-employed people than ever before. However, getting a loan to start up via traditional loans or collateral loans like the Easy Auto Title Loans are also easier; depending on how risky you wanted to get. In saying that, if you don't have a strong enough repayment play you are playing with fire regardless whether you go traditional bank loan rout or the Canadian title loan rout
The first subject that will be covered here is the loans for everyday purchases like homes and cars and how to obtain these loans using your head in the first place. Then we will get into the choppier and more risque ordeals you can get into.

The bank will analyze your ability to pay back the loan. If you go through the traditional banking loan, you will have to prove your ability to pay back the loan. If this is an issue you can put of collateral as in a Canadian title loan. It is not so much the fact that you are self-employed that is the hindrance; it is the cost that you incur day-to day with that business. If you are on new and unstable groundwithout proper equity in your business, you may not make the loan.The particulars for loans for the self-employed in Canada are as follows

This is one of the best programs in Canada. Though it is billed as a grant, it really is not in a form of a grant but rather a supplemental income. This is something that is so valuable to the person that is starting their own business. You also get free training and advice that so many entrepreneurs need at such an overwhelming and confusing time. This supplement comes as a great liberation because it will take your mind off the money issues and allow you to really concentrate on growing the business you have stared. In case things start to go awry you will get advice on how to get collateral loans to save your business such as Easy Auto Title Loans which are loans against a company or personal vehicle or equipment that you own with value until you pay off your debt. You can use the Easy Auto Title Loans at the beginning along with your grant to put you ahead if you are already making profit at the business at hand. This should be obtained responsibly and you should be able to pay it back fast because if it is used the wrong way, it could end up costing you but this is for sure a good thing to do some research on and keep in a financial research file for future reference, this way, if you come to a crucial point, you will have obtained knowledge to put you ahead of the game.

Best and Worst Collateral Loans including Car title Loans

Today we spend the majority of our lives on the computer in researching how to get the best deals and how to get the best loans statistically, car title loans and other types of collateral loans.
loans can go from the mundane to the ludicrous. There are also as many misconceptions as there are loans so this will serve as an easy-to read and strait to the point no-nonsense approach to informing you of what the loans are , how to get everything from car title loans to pay day loans and what the best and worst are for you and of course why.

What is a collateral loan?

In plain English, this is a loan that is made by a lien-holder against your property. They range from a pawn-shop loan for a piece of jewelry which is harmless enough, to a lien against your home. Oh my yes, when we say it ranges from the harmless to the dangerous we mean it so listen carefully and print this out if you need a reminder of what you are doing while you are making the decision so it is made wisely.
For some of these loans, most especially the car title loan which is as popular as the pay day loan nowadays, if you don't choose the correct lien-holder it can mean the difference between a smooth ride and a nightmare. Each person is different and so are their situations so we can never say that there is a blanket generalization for every person, but this is written with trends in mind.

Your region:

It is very important to take into consideration first and foremost the law. For instance, a Toronto title loan may be different than an Ontario title loan. Car title loans will be the largest collateral loan with big differences between them. It is good for you to go to your own banking institution, even if they will not be your lien-holder and ask them about the law in your region. Even if you have to pretend you are shopping around, if you sit with a lending officer, you can gain a lot of valuable information.

Pawn shops: This is one of the lower rated types of loans because in general they will haggle with you to death like it is some kind of outdoor flea market. You will never get what your assets are worth.

Pay day loans: This is another kind of badly rated loan as you are giving the lien holder the most sacred of things keeping you alive out there and that is your bank account information and access to it for whatever is in their up to the amount of the defaulted loan and the interest for late days! This is bad news for any large amount, steer clear at all costs if you can.

Car title loans: Next to the traditional bank loan this is still by far the safest and most legitimate collateral loan if you choose a lien-holder with a proven track record for a high percentage of repayments. What does that mean? That means that they have a reasonable program that is geared for the success of the client and not just the lien holder. Face it, repeat business and word of mouth doesn't hurt and that is what a good lien holder generates.

How to pay for your Car Repair with a Title Loan

The best thing in the world is to have a car and the freedom to drive; the worst thing is a car repair, but did you know you can use a loan for repair with a title loan? Usually when you tell people they can repair their car using the vehicle itself to pay for it, title loan generally comes to mind and you get a less than positive response. That is because most people don't know about repair loans. These can be done if the car is young enough and here we will guide you through it.

First, let's answer the question, what is a Vehicle repair loan? First, a vehicle repair loan is the same thing.

Here is an example everyone can relate to. You buy a car, maybe used or maybe new with a large payment. All of a sudden you hear a clunk or a grind and you are now facing a horrible bill on top of what you may already owe. You understand that the car is still your responsibility to pay for whether it is running or not. So the stress starts. You have nightmares about your credit card at an interest rate of 20% getting maxed out, and the chances of a bank loan are nil, and a credit check is the last thing you need!

So if your car is new enough, this is an even better time to take out a title loan. Have no fear, it is not what you think and you will not have to live through any of the above fears.

So what are the criteria for a repair loan?

1. You need a job: OK this sounds like common sense but, it takes more than just any income. You have to have at least 3 months of pay stubs to show most lien holders that you are gainfully employed and you are able to pay your loan back.

2. Your car must be the right age: That's right; your car needs to have the right birthdate. For most places, your car should not be more than eight years old.

3. A clean and clear title: Meaning that the car must be in your name and have no other liens pending repayment.

Note: If your car is co-owned with another then they too will be responsible for the repayment of the loan and any defaulting on that loan will be a mark on their credit as well.

4. The car must be insured and current: You must show proof of current insurance to be eligible for the loan.

What are the payment terms? Most car title loan repayments have a standard monthly repayment plan.

A car repair title loan the best option for most people. The people who benefit most from this type of loan are twofold. The people who work hard and have unfortunately hit hard times and have less than perfect credit and those who need their car for work because a vehicle is their livelihood.

Car Leasing Tips and Car Title Loans

Today we are given so much choice for purchasing big ticket items or paying off bills with car title loans. We are bombarded by the commercials beckoning us to lease and romancing us with the lure of zero down financing. So basically the new world financial cycle seems to be this; finance your big ticket item so that when you can't pay for it, because well, life happens, you can get car title loans to bail you out. OK, well that is the way of the world and we shall help you go with the flow of it.
So what do you have to know before you leas your first vehicle or even start leasing your own vehicle? What you say? Yes and we will get to that but you need to know the basic principles of a car lease and the little know things about a car lease.
First and foremost you are probably looking at leasing because you want to save money right? So here we will go into 10 tips for saving on the lease.

Tips to save money on your car lease.

1. Don't give away the farm. In other words, don't let the dealer know that you are even thinking about leasing. Approach the deal as if you are laying a suitcase down with the cash you are willing to spend and negotiate the price first!
2. Speaking of how much? You can tell the dealer what your cap is on buying only; never tell a dealer how much you are willing to spend on a lease.
Note:You will be somewhat sized up when you walk in. Remember that these people are sales people and they are very adept at asking the right questions and coming to strict conclusions about you. So stay in control at all times and be ahead of the game�namely their game.
3. Three things to investigate: when you get to the dealership, the sales person is going to tell you that you are going to have very low monthly payments. It is the same pitch they use when you are after a car title loan. There are only three things you need to be concerned with that will benefit you and not just the dealer.
i.What will be the vehicles negotiated price?
ii.What will the lease value at the end?
iii.What are the fees associated with the lease?
There will always be hidden fees and you are going to want to know what they are because if they will catch up with you fast and derail your credit. Then, back to the dealer to use the value of �their car' as a car title loan for you to struggle with, lose your credibility and make it near impossible to buy another car.
An example of a fee that will cost you on-the-spot to a dealer as soon as you r pen hits the paper is the $500 dollar bank fee for processing that you have to pay a possible two months. So there is a grand of your money right there.
4. Understanding what the leas jargon is all about. Chances are the jargon will trip you up and you'll end up agreeing with things that you didn't understand only to be freaked out later. Take someone who knows.
5. Watch for the lemon, and take someone who can catch a glimpse under the hood.Also make sure what your lemon laws are for your state or province is and how covered you are if you are covered at all.
6. Have an accident in a leased car? Good luck there; find out if the lessor will consider that an early termination of a lease and this is where the car title loan comes in so avoid it. This will usually mean full payment on-the-spot for the remainder of the lease whether you have had it two minutes, months, or years!
7. Paying for mileage
8. Paying for travel above a certain mileage on the odometer after the lease is over
9. Make sure the car is in good condition and your definition of this matches the dealerships
10. Choose the best time to lease

Finding the Safest Bank for your Collateral Loans Including your Car Title Loans

I bet you never thought of how safe your bank is, but after the world economy crashed people are raising an eyebrow about the security of the banks especially when it comes to their car title loans and other loan types. We were caught off-guard by the frailty of the banking system. However as far as collateral loans go such as car title loans and home loans they are the way to go and here we will shed some light on how to investigate the bank-security situation in an easy-to read format.

FDIC or CDIC in Canada insured banks: We will focus most in the Canadian system but mention our close neighbors is America because Canadians are notorious for having accounts in banks there as the tourism in the winter is quite large. This is done by the rating services and though they hold no guarantee, they are better than going out there with no information at all and when it comes to a loan and your money there is nothing more important.

Bigger doesn't always mean better: People have a notion that if a bank is big that it won't fail because the government will just give them a large helping hand if they decide to flop; this is not always so and to say that bigger is better is a fallacy. Smaller banking institutions are getting very inventive in how they deal with lending and think of it this way, you can count on more personalized attention at smaller banks; in the case of a home loan or a car title loan, you are more likely to find someone to help you get out of a jam if you begin to default at a small institution than a large corporate bank that is used to large deposits and million dollar loans.

The news tells all: Make sure you are in the loop when it comes to your banks news worthiness. If it is making headlines as a bank that is teetering on the edge, then you need to make sure you steer clear and maybe withdraw your business account as well before you are recovering from a severe personal financial loss in which case your loan will be the least of your issues.

Texas Ratio: This system rates how well a bank absorbs bad loans and how much of a risk it is to take on new loans.

Car title loans: A Car title loan is another loan that may be a consideration for you and can be made with another lending institution other than a traditional bank. If you are in need of a loan that you can use against your car value, provided the car is under eight years old then this may be the avenue for your loan. Just make sure of your region and the laws, it may be vastly different to get a Toronto title loan compared to an Ontario title loan. You don't want to go in assuming because this can be potentially damaging if you approach it wrong.

Is your used Car Good Enough for your Auto Title Loan?

When you buy a car, the last thing you are concerned with is if it will be an investment of any kind, in fact you would balk at the thought of using it as collateral for anything like an auto title loan. Think of this before you put your money down if you can.
An auto title loan is the safest form of loan aside from a bank loan, if you do it right, you may never have to worry about having to hock something at the pawn dealer or suffer a pay day loan and overdraft issues. You will only have to plan well.
So you need to secure your future car repair bills and there will be car repair bills on a used car for sure, beginning from the moment you purchase it. You will have to put on average at least $300 dollars on it to get it to run for several months without too much issue.
The car maintenance is the first oil change and you should check on replacing the spark plugs, hoses and belts if they are cracked due to wear and tear and the brake pads. Sorry, but this is the reality in the used car purchasing ritual. So, you may not have to pay extra on the spot. Buy the car, drive it off to a lien holder and get the first repairs done with a new auto title loan.
Just remember one vital thing and that is; if you default on the loan, guess who owns the car? The lien holder, that is correct! So be sure you are making the money so you can pay it off quickly. Auto title loans are there to just buy you time.

How do you find the best car?

Most of what you find now on the side of the road with for sale signs on them are your fabulous high-on-gas SUV. Unfortunately, finding gems in a sea of cars people are dying to get rid of is a sorry reality. The gas crunch has bumped up prices for the gas efficient cars and they do go fast off the street. Then you have the dealers which are going to mark up prices because the car is fuel efficient! So what do you do?

More bargains on full sized cars and SUV's

You can find better prices in full sized cars but in no way are you apt to find a full size bargain as you did say in 2008 when everything started to dive. People were breaking down the door to dump the SUV's and trucks but now it is a little different. People also need the money because they have to go out and downgrade and fight for the same cars as you!

Rental Cars

Everyone is so scared of the fated rental car. Don't be scared, most of the people driving them do clock up the miles but for distances that are short and highway and that means less mechanical difficulty because of the business drivers.


Autotrader.com is a fantastic find and cars.com is another well-reputed source.

Bonus tip

If you know anyone that works at a dealership you can ask them to watch the undervalued cars that they can't resell for anything much.

Working as a Vehicle Title Loan, Pay Day Loan, or pawn Shop Broker

Today, one of the jobs that are really hot right now is working as any kind of loan broker or lien holder for people that need a vehicle title loan or any type of cash collateral loan. The economy has spawned things like vehicle title loan brokerages, pawn shops, pay day loan brokers and Dollar Stores this is according to reports from the international stock market. Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores stock has sky-rocketed in the past years between2010 and 2013 as folks have found ways to save money.

So what does that have to do with the job market?

It says a lot if you are an observant person. Wherever you find the stock market going is where you'll find where the job market is going. If people are forced to go to retailers where everything they need is no more than a dollar, then you know that emergency-loans are going to become very prevalent.

Sign me up! What are the requirements?

Well, there are a few things that you need to know and we will start with the basic requirements for a vehicle title loan, pay day loan, and cheque cashing store broker.

Because these companies have their security and that of their customers to be concerned with, the people they hire must have a stringent background check for obvious reasons. You don't want a criminal working at any company. The prospective employee also must have a reference check to be sure they have never had any cash-handling issues with another employer.

If you have been fired or asked to resign from any position, they have to have irrefutable proof that it was not for a cash shortage reason. For example, if you were fired from a grocery store because your drawer was short one too many times, the chances of you getting a position as a pay day loan orvehicle title loan broker are slim to none because the employer has to trust you with deposits and customer transactions.

The next thing is of course your skills. You will be tested by your employer for your financial skill set and must have not only basic mathematical skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percentages you also have to possess excellent interpersonal skills and customer service skills.

In Canada, to work as a Easy Auto Title Loans broker you have to be concerned with the laws in different cities. You may do well to look up the laws for two of the largest cities by plugging into Google Toronto title loan laws and Ontario title loan laws for employment. This is your basics for the vehicle title loan broker jobs; you'll know the rest when you are applying.

That leaves the pawn broker, you will need the same basic skill-set but this will be enhanced by a little street-smarts and heavy negotiating skills because of the nature of the business. This is important because of the clientele, and criminals as well that will take you �hot' or stolen items and you will have to catch it!

Inspiring Stories of the People behind the Auto Title Loan

Working in this area of business for so long you see a lot of people. Face it, most people do not perceive finance or auto title loans to be a people business yet you get to speak to so many. This is a unique and entertaining piece about all the stories that have walked in and out of the auto title loan office over time. They have been compiled from all over the world. They are meant to be inspiring to those, the real people who have a need that we filled in a positive way; a need that sometimes brings people to shame, sometimes to anger or fear but for those who use their loans wisely; always bring relief; and these are their stories.

On one of those brutal December mornings, a young woman and two kids came into the office; she was less than together haggard and careworn. The clerk in the office who was female as well took an immediate caretaking posture to the woman and offered her coffee and a puzzle we kept in the office to keep the kids attention.

I gotta do something man she exclaimed, tears of frustration in her eyes. I can't pay my rent and I don't know where my boyfriend is, it's just that way. Unable to respond, the clerk, Marcy, chose only to smile and say OK then hon, relax you have friends here. At once the exhausted women, whose name is Tima, softened into comfort. I heard I can pay my bills with a Toronto title loan here. I am from Ontario but Ontario title loans are harder with my background, I came a long way

With a smile, Marcy said, let's go outside and take a look at your care and we will take it from here, we will figure something out

After we finished business with Miss Tima, and her first auto title loan we received a card in the mail after her loan was paid off.

With the money she received from her car title loan she was able to put a deposit on a better place for her and her kids. She was able to continue to drive and her work-load doubled as a result. She was a nurse's aide and needed her car for her patients. Without the ability to keep her vehicle while she paid for her outstanding bills, she would have lost her position and been pushed to the bottom of the call-list.

Another day, we had a young man come in and he too was in a panic. The University had deferred his loan payments as far as they could and it was getting to the point that he would be losing his housing and benefits. He was a very upset and his college roommate told him that because his parents had sent him away with a brand new Lexus and had no payments on it (lucky him) he could use the value of his car against an auto title loan and get caught up with his payments. The relief that came over this young man made us proud. What was the end of his story? He did have to deal with a few issues simply because holding a job and being a full-time student was a bit rough. His parents did not choose to play a part in his recovery process but he communicated to us each and every step of the way and was able to pay off his auto title loan within 15 months without much on the interest.

Five ways a Vehicle Title Loan can improve your Life

When folks walk into a vehicle Title Loan office it is usually because they are having the worst day of their lives. They are in debt up to their ears and sinking fast into a stress-laden abyss. Some are looking to get ahead of where they are and others have medical or other emergencies that they need to deal with. Whatever the reason, a vehicle Title Loan usually comes with these stories; however there are so many ways you can use it responsibly and improve your life greatly and here are just ten.

a definition and a sidebar for those who are new to this
A Vehicle Title Loan is the same as a Car title loan or just a title loan. You can obtain this type of loan on a title of a car or a deed to a home, your boat or RV or trailer home, whatever has equity in your name.
Can it get complicated?
The only time it really gets complicated, is when say another person is the co-signer on the property in question, then they can also be held responsible for the vehicle car loan. Five things you can do to improve your life with a vehicle title loan
1. Pay off your outstanding debts: You can actually save your credit rating by paying down debt with a Vehicle title loan. Having a loan taken out and paid back on time or early is a good sign to lenders later on.
2. Buy yourself some time: Have something you need to do but don't have the money that week? Then make sure you will have the money to pay it back within 30 days and you can do what you want without having to be left behind.
3. Take a well-deserved vacation: Haven't had a vacation in three years and are tired of waiting for the opportunity? If you are doing fairly well financially but are looking at a deal on line and want it now? Then do it because you deserve it!
4. Further your education: Is money holding you back? Do you want to take courses to further yourself? Go for it!
5. Cosmetic Surgery: Do you feel like you want a little elective surgery done? As we age sometimes we are tempted to get a little done, so again, go for it!
A title loan can be good for any means of enhancing your life. An attitude that is healthy toward money is the one thing you need for success. It is suggested that you do your homework because different boroughs and counties have different rules as to how they handle their title loans. You do not necessarily have to apply for the title loanin the same borough or county. If you have your title in Toronto you may apply for an Ontario title loan and of you have your title in Ontario, you can apply for a Toronto title loan.

Saving and Repayment Strategy for your Vehicle Title Loan

Today, everyone is looking for ways to save money, make money, and borrow money, even resorting to a vehicle title loan. Despite the economic crunch in the western world we are still accustomed to living a certain lifestyle and will do practically anything to maintain a semblance of what they once had or what they still have and desperately do not want to lose. Any loan, including a vehicle title loan comes with an inherent risk.
Nothing is good or bad, it is how you handle it. You can be quite successful with a vehicle title loan if you have a strategy that works. Here we will give tips on some saving and repayment strategies you can use to be sure that your vehicle title loan repayment experience is a seamless one.

1. Have a plan of how and when you will repay the loan before you apply. It may sound odd but if you have a plan before you apply you stand a better chance of paying it back in full without an issue. The key here is to sit down with yourself or with someone that is OK with what you are doing and that you trust and crunch the numbers in your budget. Know what you are making and how much you can allocate to your repayment. Make sure that you have cut wherever you can to make room for this priority.
2. Research the terms of the agreements: For instance; the terms for a Toronto title loan may be quite different than that of an Ontario title loan so if you do your homework and are bold enough to ask the right questions, you may get off easier on the interest or rates of the right city.
3. Have the worth of the vehicle appraised: Knowing what the black book and blue book price is for your vehicle will save you from looking like a novice when you are at the dealer. Know what it is worth right now, used and new. Go in with as much information as possible so you get the best deal possible and you can create a repayment strategy that works.
4. Be up on what their policy is for repayment: Are you likely to get roped into a repayment deal that you have to pay back in full in thirty days? How much are you looking for? If it is impossible for you to pay it back in a month, and then find out if they can work with you, from the start, not when you figure out you can't handle it and you have to work out a deal when they have you in a lesser position than you are now. They want to give you the loan, work it like you did when you bought the car, go in with knowledge of the competition out there and shoot from the hip.
Being smart when you do something of this caliber will ensure you success and a better credit record!

History and Reasons behind Loans and Car Title Loans

Today there are as many types of loans as there are people; there are Car title loans and there are pay day loans just to name a few. It is not just the US that will offer this means of scoring quick cash. There are Easy Auto Title Loans as well because right now, everyone is in the same condition as far as the economy is concerned. Obtaining information on one would be as simple as plugging the proper keywords into Google. For example, depending on the city which you live in, you would maybe plug in Toronto Title Loan or Ontario Title Loan.

How did these loan options come about?

Finance is interesting in that, it is always evolving. When things evolve quickly and steadily, that means that it comes with a history and a story about how they began. Loans have been around since human society transitioned from a solid barter-system to a monitory system. There have been argument s about when this started but we can go back around the time of the Roman Empire.
The first loans were between the people and you guessed it their tax collectors! If you think the IRS is rough on us now, by freezing bank accounts, seizing valuables from our homes and garnering paycheques; you should know that back then it could and did cost you your life unless you were in pretty good with the roman Emperor, then, maybe you could live and get away with your family being sold into servitude which is a fancy word for slavery!
So, losing your car to a defaulted car title loan is not the worst thing that has ever happened!

Pay day loans, pawn shop loans and car title loans
For the most part, loans like the ones listed above which are the hottest one's going right now, have come about because of demand. This demand is the demand of the population and the economy. There should be no shortage in loans like these because unfortunately, at least in the near future there will be no shortage of broke people.
Who are the people that are getting pay day loans, and car title loans?
Next time you are out and about, look around at the neighborhoods that you are in. It can be a good neighborhood or a bad neighborhood. However, there is a very good tell-tale sign that you are in a neighborhood with the dynamic which go regularly for these loans. Usually honest hard-working folks that are on maybe minimum wage, maybe industry or farmland; the tell-tale sign is a cheque-cashing store.
What is a cheque-cashing store?
A cheque-cashing store is a place that people with not so hot credit go to cash paycheques. Within these shops you will find a lot of products and services offered as well.
1. Income tax services
2. Tax cheque services
3. Long distance calling cards
4. Pay day loans
5. Money wiring services
This was a clever idea; like a one-stop-shop for everything convenient for those whose lives have become for one reason or another, not so convenient.

What your Attitude toward Money says about what your Vehicle Title Loan Success will Be.

Did you know that there are certain types of personalities that will be better at saving and repaying loans like vehicle title loans, car loans and school loans than others? Did you know that you can be spectacular at one kind of 'spending personality trait' and really stink when it comes to another? For instance, you may be great with budgeting your weekly grocery list and not so good at repaying your vehicle title loan, car loan or school loan.

So what causes spending schizophrenic behavior?
Believe it or not, there have been studies done for a long time about human beings and what fuels our spending habits. For some, it is not just us but our spouses and partners and for others it is our upbringing. For instance; you are more apt to do what you saw your parents do on their vehicle title loans, car loans, and school loans. An attitude toward money can certainly be passed down from generation to generation.
Your attitude toward money is influenced by what you place value on.
What does this mean?
We will use the example above to compare why you may be great at the grocery store and not so hot at the vehicle title loan repayment. It is simple, if maybe your mother places value on having and stockpiling a lot of food at home because she was brought up in an economically depressed era and places more importance on that than anything else because in her mind, it is a survival issue then you may also follow suit without even consciously recognizing it. In the case of the vehicle title loan she may have viewed that as something that would not have an impact on the family as severely or readily as the food issue.
It is the same with anything take cleaning and clutter. There are those who can't live with dust but yet they will never be able to clear the clutter from their home because they feel a sense of security and connection with the 'things' that they have around them. This is for the same psychological and emotional reason that the mom who placed value on the food rather than the car title loan even though it was of great consequence if she defaulted.
Test your monitory attitude
The best thing you can do is approach the matter with resolute honesty before you apply for your car title loan or any other loan for that matter. And apart from the loan itself it will teach you a lot about what might hinder your chanced in life where money is concerned.
Ask yourself these pertinent questions and figure out how you will change any negative money attitudes
1. How well have I done with loans in the past?
2. What makes me think I will do well with a loan now?
3. What are the specific areas do have to work on in my personality that will improve my financial health?
4. What do I place the most value on in the area of money?
5. How has it helped or hurt me to place value on what I choose to place value on?

Personal Organizer for your Car Title Loan and all Loans-Before, during and after your Loan

Most of what makes people unsuccessful with car title loans and all loans like payday loans and pawn-shop loans is their own perspective and attitude about what they are doing. Coupled by a sense of foreboding, and the negative connotation a car title loan tends to come with, is a recipe for disaster if you do not take stock in who you are and what you are doing.

So, what are the first steps in making this car title loan, payday loan or pawn-shop loan a success?
1. Don't panic: In today's economy, every 'emergency' had a negotiation that can be made. If it is a medical emergency, a state hospital will still treat you. If is a car payment or a house payment, so long as you haven't let go too far, they will renegotiate before repossessing the car. If you need groceries, there are a lot of fast-food restaurants that you can eat for a dollar. If it is diapers etc. then you need to contact a local church if you don't already have one or the state programs like WIC Women Infants and Children' the government program in the states. The point here is you need to define what it is you consider an emergency. Let's go into that for a moment.
2. What constitutes an emergency? Most people are into letting things go so far before they swallow their pride and finally get a car title loans. This is a lethal way to organize your loans for success. You must figure out what you would call en emergency before you consider the pros and cons of a loan.
Rule of thumb, If you can deal with an issue before you get a loan, exhaust your available options first. Or, conversely, get the loan before the issue escalates.
3. Make sure you tell the right people: For instance, a lot of people that are applying for these loans are people that are students. If you can tell your parents and family members first, they can be on alert in case you have an issue. Your buddies and you may want to team up if they are in the same situation and maybe seek out an extra source of income.
4. Make sure you are still making money: I know it seems that if you were making the money, you wouldn't need the car title loans. However, if you aren't making money, you can't pay it back. Then you lose your car and can no longer go out to find work. This is a bad cycle but when you panic as I stated before, and you aren't facing your perspective this is where it goes.
In closing, the point of this type of vehicle title loan is to just buy time. You need to be employed or have at least a viablesource for which to pay it back. Most times this is what you need to obtain a vehicle title loan as far as any the other types of loans we mentioned throughout the article, you may find things a bit different.

Vacation in the Natural Beauty Canada has to Offer on your Ontario Vehicle Title Loan

Things in the world today can be shaky when it comes down to thinking about family vacations but did you know there is a new way to finance that vacation with an Ontario vehicle title loan. Now, let's get that weird look off your face, this is a very cosmopolitan thing to do. Look, if you are working hard and are lucky enough to have a good job but just need that little push to buy the time you need to get the 'right' amount of money for that vacation an Ontario vehicle title loan is the way to go.

Do you possess?

i. A car eight years old or younger?
ii. A clean title?
iii. Current insurance?
If you answered yes and are gainfully employed you can do this!
You are closer to that vacation than you may think and the best part of it, is that you get to keep your car the entire time. At no time do you surrender your vehicle unless the loan is defaulted! We are confident this won't be the case and we are going to help you plan that little vacation as well with some free tips I just a minute right here! We are so much more than just a loan broker; we are here for you with great tips on things to make the loan re payment, your plans, and your life much easier.
Tips to plan something that you can handle The key to a successful loan is to take out what you need and only what you can handle paying back. Plan something that you are able to pay in full within thirty days of the loan date. We find that vacation packages or if you live in or just outside Ontario when you take out your Ontario vehicle title loan then a staycation package would be even better!
Affordable ways to beat the economy and vacation or staycation on your Ontario vehicle title loan.
Road trips are certainly a part of living in Canada. Apart from the US, the Canadian frontier is the most diverse and breathtaking. With new vistas breaking over the horizon every hundred miles or so, it is a memory-making experience.
Best things to do in Ontario
1. Niagara Falls: You don't have to be a honeymooner to take a drive and a boat ride on the maids of the mist in the Canadian side of Niagara.
2. Algonquin Provincial Park: Take a breathtaking journey through the best of Canada's indigenous eco system.
3. Ottawa:Take the family on an educational journey and revel in the governmental history of the capitol city.
4. Muskoka: The most highly rated and reviewed place for changing scenery in Canada.
5. Thousand Islands: No, not what you are having on your salad! The St Lawrence River boasts over a thousand tree ensconced islands!
So how do you feel about the easiest way to finance your next Ontario vacation or staycation with a simple and seamless Ontario vehicle title loan?

Tips to Discussing Financial Decisions and your Ontario Title Loan with your Spouse or Partner

The number one reason couples fight, separate and divorce is money. Your Ontario title loan is easier to do than to talk about which is why we want to provide you with practical life information while you make arrangements decision on getting anOntario title loan. Your partner and you may have a lot of different financial arrangements and when you make large-life decisions, you may do some harm.
Some of those financial arrangements are joint accounts and investments in cars, homes and other big ticket items. You are less likely to have conflict if you discuss things way before the emergency comes and one of you come to the table with honey, I looked into a Ontario vehicle title loan and get into a quibble over everything from why you didn't discuss it before you got into it to who the vehicle really belongs to.

Begin in the dating process
When you and your partner are serious enough for the plunge into cohabitation or marriage, the financial discussion should be had and especially in this economy you should be having this discussion more readily. The reason why folks go for the conveniences of acar title loan and other quick cash loan is because things come up far more often; but with the right amount of positive communication we can all get through this and not just through this, but have a great and productive life in the process.
Set the stage and use the correct wording
When you are dating and everything is romantic, the last thing that comes to mind is cuddling up and whispering sweet nothings in our partner's ear and say, Hey baby wanna take out an Ontario vehicle title loan? But when the time is right, you need to maybe go somewhere with the mind set on both your parts to discuss this. When you are both relaxed, and you are calm, you can certainly understand each other better and come to some conclusions while preserving your romance!
Let's skip to the second most delicate dynamic; the newlyweds
When you are newly married you are acutely aware that you have trusted your partner with the most delicate of things in life, your money. You are pledged forever and everything is as sweet as springtime, then the reality check sets in and you are faced with an emergency right after you bought a new home and a new car and now you must introduce yourself to the Ontario title loan before you have even started life together.
This is why discussing what you would do in case of financial emergencies is so vital before the wedding.
Deciding whether you will be a joint account family or separate
These days it is not like it was in the 50's you don't have to have your finances pooled and if one partner gets into a bit of trouble the other does not need to get involved with that decision hence less of an issue. Some folks prefer to do a bit more micro managing of their spouse and their finances so they have the pooled income. Either way this is a decision that will affect the health and status of your marriage and the sooner you have the conversation the better!

Your Toronto Vehicle Title Loan and Bankruptcy

Today a lot of people looking for a Toronto vehicle title loan are arriving with other credit issues already there. This is something that can't always be helped but is extremely common. Most people have several loans or financial issues going on at once, and the Toronto vehicle title loan is not the last.

So can I obtain a Toronto vehicle title loan with a bankruptcy?

Yes you can, even if you discharged the bankruptcy recently, you will be eligible for a car title loan as long as everything else checks out. Remember you have to have a clean title an 8 year old car and current insurance and you can show up at the office to claim your Toronto vehicle title loan.
In fact, this is a good way to begin practice to rebuild your credit; it is a positive out of the negative you had to take part in. Now, if you are in the position to claim bankruptcy and you haven't yet, we have compiled some facts and advice so your experience is a seamless one.

Who should be filing bankruptcy?
When you are in the position of owing ten thousand dollars or more to your debtors and cannot consolidate your debt.
What does it mean to consolidate my debt and who do I do that with?
Consolidating your debt means that you go to a company like a non-profit organization that specializes in this and they take a fee out of each payment they make to all of your debtors. They are the ones that put your money in the amount that you agree upon each month into an escrow account and then distribute that amount to each of your debtors at the amounts and dates that the debt counselor agree upon.
Which is better; Bankruptcy or debt consolidation?
The answer is neither because they both actually read as a bankruptcy on your credit report. If you think the monthly payments are going to leave you short and you will be even more aggravated, then an official bankruptcy will suffice. The process is more expensive but often times for a simple chapter 7 which is a personal bankruptcy, the consolidation company will file for you and take care of the details for a nominal fee plus the court costs. They will draw up the paper work and submit it to the court system.
Alternatively you can obtain the paperwork from the bankruptcy court yourself and fill it out without much guidance. This can get expensive and time consuming not to mention aggravating. You can go the way of a bankruptcy attorney and pay about $2000.00 per every $10,000.00. The fees vary from law group to law group because the laws vary from place to place.
Whatever it is you choose, you may use your Toronto vehicle title loan to pay the bankruptcy fees or pay the balance of your bills in question! What else can you ask for?

Use your Car Title Loan to Fulfill your Bucket List

In the office we hear so many stories of circumstances that people need a car title loan for. From single moms to bankruptcy's to people divorced and behind, and even folks who sadly have everything they own with them in the vehicle they are getting the car title loan on.
However, sometimes you get the craziest off the wall reasons from people. Now let me start by saying that you don't need to legally give us a reason for why you are taking out this loan but we do ask do that we can help I mean, the more we know, the more we know what product or service is right for you and it helps you get the money quickly and helps us get paid. Sound fair? I think so.
Anyway, one gentleman walked in last year, smiling from ear to ear, and shook the brokers hand and said, my name is Evan and I inherited a brand new Lexus on which I would like to secure a car title loan on please. He didn't ask another thing, but Marcy , the broker did, I mean how can you not ask?
This was the most fascinating man she had ever met, he was handsome and well-spoken and had the most interesting reason. Are you ready for this? And I quote. The man said This Lexus is my little mid-life-crisis He said he wanted enough money to fulfill his bucket list.
Now for those of you who haven't a clue what a bucket list is, we will share that right now. A bucket list is full of the things you want to do before you die. Now of course Marcy, being who she is, asked the man strait out if there was an illness or something that would make him want to do this incredible thing.
He laughed and said no, and I do not suggest that you make any reference to that with your customers unless you are Marcy. Everyone has worked with or has known a Marcy, you know, the gal that could say stuff to people and just get away with it. If you tried what she tried you would be fired or punched out! But she did it every time!
So back to his car title loan; what his plan was is something everyone can do! Get a new car or at least one 8 years old or younger, plan your bucket list to the amount the car is worth, and go to an office and obtain the car title loan then enjoy! You don't need an emergency, disease or a mid-life-crisis to get one; you only need the car and the title, clean of course. Now we hope you are thinking creatively and get to enjoy the things you want to do now that you know how easy it is to get a car title loan.

Bonus tip: If you inherit a new car like Evan, sell the new car afterwards for something smaller and pay the loan off, or take out another one for the next best adventure!

Using Vehicle

Receive up to $5000 when borrowing using a debt free vehicle as collateral

Emergency Loan

Receive up to $25,000 using collateral we can hold during the term of the loan

Repair Loan

Receive funds for repairs done on your vehicle, may be leased or financed

Vehicle Leasing

Obtain a quality used vehicle on an extended payment plan, down payment required